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COVID-19 Testing

Massachusetts offers free testing as part of their Stop the Spread campaign. The closest Stop the Spread testing site is in Lawrence.

Testing is available locally at sites like ConvenientMD and MinuteClinic which uses your health insurance. Find an appointment.

There are two types of tests you'll likely come across:

  • Molecular (PCR test) - long q-tip up your nose - results are highly accurate, and can take 24+ hours to get back
  • Antigen (Rapid Test) - nasal swab - results are not as accurate (70-80%), and come back in 15-30 minutes 

Get 4 free rapid at-home tests from - a partnership between the Dept of Health and Human Services and the USPS.

What do I do if I test positive?

If you get a positive test from a health facility (doctor, clinic, pharmacy), your test results will be automatically added into the State system.

If you test positive with an at-home rapid test, please report your test results to the Emergency Operations Center (978-388-8155) so your results can be tracked.

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