Charter Review Commission

The Commission shall be charged with reviewing the Charter and issuing a report to the Mayor and the City Council containing any recommendations for changes to the Charter deemed advisable by the Commission. The Commission shall consist of seven (7) members appointed in accordance with Section 2-3 of the Charter. 

The Charter Review Commission was created by Administrative Order 2020-02.The Commission shall be disbanded as of September 1, 2021; provided, however, that said date is subject to change by any future action taken under Section 6-1 of the Charter, provided that such action is filed and effective prior to September 1, 2021.

The Commission meets on the 2nd Wednesday and 4th Thursday of each month at 7PM.


Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Paul Fahey (978) 388-8121

Board Members

Nick Wheeler
Christian Scorzoni
Bonnijo Kitchin
Jonathan Sherwood
Kate Currie
Peter Frey
Robert Chamberlain