Dog Licenses

All dogs 6 months and older must be licensed by March 31 annually. Dogs who have just turned 6 months old or just moved to town must be licensed regardless of the time of year. Proof of rabies and spay/neuter must be presented at time of licensing.


  • Neutered/Spayed $10.00
  • Male/Female $15.00
  • Kennels (4) Dogs $30.00
  • Kennels not more than (10) Dogs $60.00
  • Kennels more than (10) Dogs $120.00
  • Late Fees: $5.00 individual dogs  /  $10.00 for kennel

You can renew or register your dog online or by mail with the Dog License Application and a copy of the rabies certificate sent to the City Clerk’s Office, 62 Friend Street, Amesbury, MA 01913.

Any owner who fails to license or renew an existing license before June 15, 2020 shall be fined a $5 late fee.