Fence Permits

Submitting an Application to Erect A Fence
No less than thirty days before the intended installation of said fence or structure, obtain an application to erect a fence from the City Clerk’s Office (available above). Read and review thoroughly a copy of the Fence Bylaw, Ordinance 2003-105.

Call Dig Safe. It’s the law. 1-800-digsafe or click on the website link above.

Obtain a copy of City Assessor’s Map, sufficient to show your property and the property of all abutting owners.

Physically mark with either biodegradable spray paint or stakes and string the exact location of the intended structure. These markings must remain in place until permit is approved.

Send a notice by certified mail to all abutting owners stating that you intend to erect a fence within five feet of the boundary of their land. This should be postmarked not less than 30 days prior to breaking ground for the purpose of installing the fence.

Please be advised that your fence must not obstruct the view of traffic.

For more information about fence regulations, please contact Inspectional Services.