CDBG Program

Community Development Block Grant
The Massachusetts Community Development Block Grant Program is a federally funded, competitive grant program designed to help small cities and towns meet a broad range of community development needs. Assistance is provided to qualifying cities and towns for housing, community, and economic development projects that assist low and moderate-income residents, or by revitalizing areas of slum or blight. Eligible CDBG projects include, but are not limited to, housing rehabilitation or development, micro-enterprise or other business assistance, infrastructure, community/public facilities, public social services, planning, removal of architectural barriers to improve access to public facilities, and downtown or area revitalization.
Program Years

The program year descriptions below represent the City’s CDBG activities over the past 5 years. 

Fiscal Year



CDBG 2015

Housing Rehabilitation program, scholarship assistance to attend the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Lower Merrimack Valley’s Programs, and the Pettengill House, Inc. Program, which will provide emergency assistance for eligible Salisbury and Amesbury residents. 



Regional Program

CDBG 2016

Housing Rehabilitation program, the Pettengill House Social Service Agency, and Our Neighbors’ Table to administer the Meals Program. For eligible Amesbury and Merrimac residents. 



Regional Program

CDBG 2019


Amesbury has been awarded the FY19 Community Development Fund grant that will includes the items listed below begnining with FY 2019. This includes a Housing Rehabilitation Program, an architectural barrier removal project at City Hall, and up to three social service programs. Our programs planned for the application are: Our Neighbors Table, Pettingill House, and Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center.


Program Summary



Please see this page for the: FY 2019 CDBG - MANAGEMENT RFP

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