Athletic Fields Project

Office of Community and Economic Development
City of Amesbury Athletic Fields Project

As the City moves forward on several fronts, the Mayor understands the vital importance of the youth athletic programs in our community. The youth organizations and schools each and every year put in a yeomen’s effort to sustain high quality athletic programs. Dedicated volunteers provide valuable services to our youth, while they provide care for the recreation assets that face constant demands. The Mayor believes that improved facilities will maximize the investments by volunteers and provide the necessary facilities for the community's youth.  Therefore, we have begun the process to inventory and assess our athletic field facilities to determine the needs to serve these community and school athletic programs.

The process involves a detailed inventory and assessment of the relationship between the condition, use, and programming of these important assets. This webpage is dedicated to updating everyone toward creating a transparent and detailed plan that can meet the needs of the community's youth.

Credit should be given to the multitude of league representatives and volunteers that have given their time and expertise to formulate the eventual outcome shown on this page. Their detailed review over the summer began with documents and concept plans to the solution shown in these documents. More work is necessary to move forward with these projects, however for the first time the City has definitive guidance regarding athletic fields as defined by the organizations that use the fields.

Note: A note about the below documents. The original date in June for the Concepts represents the original file submittal not the final completed files . The eventual completed versions were sent in the end of August (see emails below). Since then public meetings and review of costs occurred by the Parks Commission and Athletic Director. The final Master Plan was just sent on 10/10/2019. The concept plans date of June will be changed to reflect their adoption date by the Parks Commission which was 10/09/2019. There are still further changes as a result of a meeting on 10/09/2019.