City Projects

The City of Amesbury often has multiple projects happenings at once - construction, street paving, capital projects and more. 

ProjectConstruction TimelineProject Site
Elm Street ReconstructionMarch 2020 - November 2022Elm Street Page
Sgt. Jordan Shay Memorial Lower Elementary SchoolJuly 2021 - April 2023Shay Memorial Page (ClearGov)
Amesbury Athletic FieldsDiamond Fields - 2021Athletic Fields Page (ClearGov)
Route 150 at I-495 and South Hunt RoadSummer 2021 -  Fall 2022Route 150 / South Hunt Road Page
East End Smart Growth Overlay DistrictNo project yetEast End Page
Lower Millyard VisioningNo project yetLower Millyard Page
Complete Streets ProjectJuly 2021 - September 2021Complete Streets Update

Additional Resources and Pages: