Route 150 at I-495 and South Hunt

Office of Community and Economic Development
Intersection Project

Development Sequence

The timing and sequencing of separate development sites occurs within the context of market opportunities. Development on separate sites by individual developers will not always occur within a logical sequence. As time passes, the individual permits of larger scale developments aggregate into demands for mitigation that can impact infrastructure such as the I-495 interchange exit 54 at Route 150.  This interchange will face impacts from the recently completed 240 unit Amesbury Heights apartment project, currently under construction 100 townhouse unit Baileys Pond project, and the nearing completion 45 unit Hatters Point condominium project. Over the years these developments have received the necessary permits to proceed from both local and State agencies. As each project was permitted the aggregate demands for mitigation becomes more evident. The City’s approach will take the lead to address the mitigation needs of the recently approved developments, the pending demands of the Atlantic Center, and through a buildout, the future needs of vacant land. This approach resets the sequencing of projects by combining their impacts into a comprehensive City managed mitigation package. The below links provide access to Planning Board files for further information on these projects.

Leverage for Comprehensive Solutions

With the advent of the Atlantic Center Sports Center, the City has the opportunity for financial leverage to solve many of the prior, current, and future mitigation issues. The Atlantic Center, through the City of Amesbury, has facilitated both a MassWorks Grant ($2.5 million) and the creation of the South Hunt Development Area and an associated District Improvement Financing (DIF) District, as enabled by Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40Q. The DIF District and the South Hunt Development Area will encompass 509 acres in the southwest corner of the City, primarily between Interstate Route 495 (I-495) and the Merrimack River. In the absence of the Atlantic Center the developments outlined in paragraph one would not have any mitigation occurring at the interchange despite the aggregate impacts from over 385 units of housing.

Proactive Comprehensive Permitting

Toward achieving this mitigation for the past, present, and future, in accordance with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) regulations 301 CMR 11.03, the City of Amesbury is the Applicant in the filing of this Expanded Environmental Notification Form (EENF), file number 15993, for the South Hunt Area Infrastructure Improvement Project along South Hunt Road and Route 150 which will support the economic development and expansion of the South Hunt Development Area. This application is set on a foundation of understanding and solving the comprehensive needs of the area and not just one development. The South Hunt Area Infrastructure Improvement Project continues the City of Amesbury’s effort to provide a 21st century transportation system sufficient to mitigate recently approved projects and support economic development and expansion of the South Hunt Development Area by improving transportation access to potential and known development and redevelopment parcels. The files provided to MEPA are indicated below,, they are updated within one week of sending into MEPA as may be necessary. Files at the MEPA office can be obtained as per the instruction at this link MEPA File Access. We have established this page so anyone wanting to view the files does not have to travel to Boston,  or our offices in Amesbuy. 

Contact: William J. Scott, Community and Economic Development Director

Note: The below MEPA information represents, in sequence, the EENF (Feb 28, 2019), the DEIR (June 14, 2019), and the FEIR (Aug 30, 2019) files. The Intersection Documents are filed with MassDOT on June 21, 2019. 

PDF icon ENF-Cover Index203.09 KB
PDF icon ENF-Cover Letter708.37 KB
PDF icon ENF-ENF Form498.34 KB
PDF icon ENF-1 . Project Description5.77 MB
PDF icon ENF-1a. Phase One Waiver76.67 KB
PDF icon ENF-2. Alternatives Analysis143.94 KB
PDF icon ENF-3. Corridor Study (rev 4/3)3.54 MB
PDF icon ENF-4. Air Quality151.23 KB
PDF icon DEIR-5. Green House Gas Analysis226.29 KB
PDF icon ENF-6. Improvement Summary1.34 MB
PDF icon ENF-Appendix A EENF Distribution List 35.82 KB
PDF icon ENF-Appendix B Documents1.86 MB
PDF icon ENF-Appendix C Corridor Study (rev 4/3)139.31 KB
PDF icon ENF-Appendix D Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Analysis413.67 KB
PDF icon ENF-Appendix E Site Plans10.15 MB
PDF icon ENF-Mayor Comments MEPA641.99 KB
PDF icon ENF-B Lorenc ED Comments585.6 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Cover Index 6/14158.73 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Cover Letter 6/14575.54 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Project Description 6/148.45 MB
PDF icon DEIR-Alternatives Analysis 6/14170.21 KB
PDF icon DEIR-GHG 6/14244.56 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Mobile GHG 6/14111.39 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Air Quality 6/14137.7 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Transportation 6/143.9 MB
PDF icon DEIR-Stormwater 6/14101.23 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Mitigation Summary 6/14307.76 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Response to Comments 6/14330.03 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Appendix A - 6/1470.03 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Appendix B - 6/1431.15 MB
PDF icon DEIR-Appendix C - 6/1497.8 MB
PDF icon DEIR-Appendix D - 6/14377.58 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Appendix E - 6/148.48 MB
PDF icon DEIR-Appendix F - 6/14432.5 KB
PDF icon DEIR-Appendix G - 6/1415.34 MB
PDF icon DEIR-Appendix H - 6/1449.46 MB
PDF icon DEIR-MEPA Comment Letter Mayor 15993236.24 KB
PDF icon DEIR-MEPA Comment Letter City Council 15993607.48 KB
PDF icon DEIR-MEPA Comment Letter Chamber 1599361.36 KB
PDF icon DEIR-MEPA Comment Letter OCED 15993255.13 KB
PDF icon NEW OCT 2019 - 15993 FEIR DECISION5.31 MB
PDF icon NEW OCT 2019 - Mayor FEIR Comment464.92 KB
PDF icon FEIR-Cover Letter200.83 KB
PDF icon FEIR-Cover and Index145.8 KB
PDF icon FEIR-Project Description & Summary-Chapter 13.98 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Alternatives Analysis-Chapter 25.95 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Transportation-Chapter 314.37 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Mitigation Summary-Chapter 4333.57 KB
PDF icon FEIR-Response to Comments-Chapter 5270.41 KB
PDF icon FEIR-Appendix A-Distribution List286.35 KB
PDF icon FEIR-Appendix B-Documents31.74 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Appendix C-Alternatives14.98 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Appendix D-Transportation15.52 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Appendix E-Site Plans44.63 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Appendix F-Stormwater68.13 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Appendix G-Design Plans Roadways8.19 MB
PDF icon FEIR-Appendix H-GHG Reponse3.22 MB
PDF icon DOT-Intersection Documents - 25% Cover Letter614.16 KB
PDF icon DOT-Intersection Documents - 25% Design Plans8.44 MB
PDF icon DOT-Intersection Documents - 25% Estimate58.71 KB
PDF icon DOT-Intersection Documents - 25% Design Exception Report5.14 MB
PDF icon DOT-Intersection Documents - 25% Signed Permit Application 431.07 KB
PDF icon DOT-Intersection Documents - Functional Design Report3.43 MB
PDF icon DOT-Intersection Documents - Functional Design Report Appendix8.15 MB