South Hunt Improvement Project

Phase 2 of the South Hunt Development Area
s hunt

The proposed South Hunt Road infrastructure improvement represent Phase 2 in a multi-phase program that will provide an increase in both access and safety for all roadway users with the goal of supporting new economic growth to the South Hunt Development Area. The comprehensive multi-phase South Hunt Development Program will increase the ability to accept higher traffic volumes and facilitate complete streets improvements to mitigate growth from housing and economic development with a total projected value in excess of $190 million in projects.

The proposed Phase 2 project includes widening of South Hunt Road between the Phase 1 Infrastructure Improvement Project at Route 150 and the end of the Maples Crossing (MC) (formerly the Atlantic Sports Center) frontage improvements to provide two vehicular travel lanes, two 5-foot shoulders, and a 5-foot sidewalk with curbing along the south side of the roadway. The improvements will include all new drainage infrastructure within the project limits.

The Phase 2 South Hunt Roadway project will provide crucial access and multi-modal connectivity between the Phase 1 infrastructure to the Phase 2 Hotel and Office Building site. The City has been awarded MassWorks funding for $2,000,000 (see letter below) which includes construction and construction administration. The South Hunt area requires substantial improvements, regardless of the development proposals, with the grant funding facilitated by the development the City is able to make these improvements where normally the City would not be able to afford the comprehensive project. Phase 2 will include additional roadway investments of $3,700,000 by the developer in a new subdivision roadway complete with utilities and frontage improvements for future development. The City will provide $700,000 in City matching funds for engineering and construction. This is the second grant for this area, the first grant was $2.5 million in 2018 for the phase one project (see link below).

To provide access to the Hotel and connect the site to the MC, the Developer is creating a subdivision plan with a new roadway connection to South Hunt Road. This roadway will provide access to a new lot for the Hotel and valuable frontage for the 28-acre City owned landlocked site which will open up the opportunity uses commensurate with the athletic complex sector. It is anticipated that the roadway will become a public road providing frontage for multiple future development opportunities.

To see phase 1 of the program go to this link: 150 and 495