The Atlantic Center Project Background

Project Background and Incentive Program
Atlantic Center

The Atlantic Center is both a foundation for new economic activity, and a "back to the future" story building on the City's history with the Maples Hockey organization (see links below).

This page will provide background on the Atlantic Center project for the incentive and infrastructure programs. These programs represent the focus of the City's approach to facilitating development. In the case of the Atlantic Center project the City is employing multiple programs such as: Tax Increment Financing, and District Improvement Financing. In fact, the City was awarded a grant through MassDevelopment to hire a consultant for the purpose of developing the District Improvement Financing program for the South Hunt area. This webpage is not intended to replace the page associated with the Planning Board, that information is available at this link: Planning Board Atlantic Files. The facility is proposed as a 410,000 square-foot athletic facility, with six hockey rinks (A), a 300-seat coBuilding Keynferences room and restaurant (B), and a 130,000 square-foot office building (C), in Amesbury, MA.  The Atlantic Center, as proposed, would require an investment of more than $40-million. The project site at 24 South Hunt Road has many extraordinary costs which limit the development potential of the site.  Global is seeking benefits associated with the Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP) to help defray these costs and increase the project viability. At this time, the project is in the permitting phase and will not begin construction until after the TIF process.

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