COVID-19 Re-Opening Guidance for Businesses

Governor Baker and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts shared a re-opening plan for our businesses. Below is updated guidance by industry, but you can always check the website for more information. Please keep in mind that you may see one business open in town but not another. Our businesses may not be able to meet the safety protocols deemed by the Commonwealth, or may not be comfortable opening during this time. If you have questions about re-opening, you can email

ma reopening phases


when can I open

All businesses previously deemed essential may remain open, while following the mandatory safety standards.

Phase 1 Re-Opening Dates
If your business / industry is not currently essential and not listed below, it means your industry is included in a future phase and is not permitted to re-open yet. Healthcare is listed separately -
see that information here.

Phase 2 Preview
There is no date for phase 2 re-opening yet.

Is your business not listed and you're wondering when you can re-open? Check this list.

restaurant outdoor dining application

In anticipation of the Commonwealth advancing into Phase 2 of the Commonwealth’s Workplace Re-Opening Plan, per COVID-19 Order No. 35, the City of Amesbury is accepting applications for temporary outdoor dining permits that will be limited in length to November 1, 2020 or the date the Governor’s Order is rescinded, whichever comes first.


The following information must be submitted by Wednesday, June 10th at 4pm with the Office of Community and Economic Development by email to

  1. A completed application with signatures of the applicant and property owner.
  2. Sketch plan of outdoor dining arrangement. The City of Amesbury’s GIS map may be used as a basemap or you can use Google Maps. Prior to creating a plan, please consult the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission’s Guidelines for Extension of Premises to Patio and Outdoor Areas and Commonwealth’s Reopening Massachusetts Restaurant Safety Standards and Checklist. Once you have reviewed these documents, please ensure your sketch plan includes:
    1. Dimensions and location of outdoor dining, buildings and parking areas
    2. Number of public or private parking spaces to be replaced by outdoor dining (if applicable)
    3. Safety precautions for employees and customers
    4. Seating plan
    5. Location of restroom facilities
    6. Onsite circulation plan
  3. A Certification of Insurance for $1,000,000 per occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate. If you intend to place outdoor seating on municipally-owned property, the City of Amesbury must be named as an Additional Insured for the purpose and time parameters of the certificate use and be valid for the duration of the intended use (November 1, 2020 or the date the Governor’s Order is rescinded).

After the deadline, the following City departments will meet to review and make recommendations: Community and Economic Development, Fire, Health, Inspectional Services, Liquor Commission, Mayor’s Office, Public Works, and Police. If approved, the permit will be valid immediately upon filing of notice with the City Clerk. The Business Owner named in this application will be notified of the decision.


what else do i need to know

There are a handful of requirements (on top of the industry specific guidelines) that all businesses must follow in order to re-open safely.

Continue with Good Practices


business reopening resources

If you're in need of re-opening supplies like PPE and cleaning materials, click here for the State's vendor list.

Flyers / Signage


    For Businesses Looking for a Permit or Inspection

    As you make plans to re-open, you may be thinking about doing some building or remodeling. The City of Amesbury is still giving out permits and doing inspections on a case-by-case basis.

    1. Please find and complete the appropriate application form. Please make sure you include a valid email to contact your with the application.

    2. Once complete, please mail the application to 9 School Street, Amesbury, MA 01913. You can also drop it off in the lobby on the designated table, or email your applications to: The offices are closed, so staff will not be able to let anyone into the office.

    3. The applications will be processed and you will be contacted via email with the amount, requesting that a check be sent or delivered to 9 School Street. Once payment is received, a permit will be emailed.

    4. If an inspection is required to issue a permit, an inspector will contact the home or business to coordinate. Please note: if there are multiple people in the home or business, inspections will not occur unless it is an emergency.


    The Center for Health Security shared an Operational Toolkit for businesses considering re-opening or expanding during this time.


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