2020 Amesbury Virtual Eco-Festival

Thank you all for tuning in for our first Virtual Eco-Festival! Re-watch the Virtual Eco-Festival on Amesbury Community Television's Facebook page. More videos will be uploaded at a later date to YouTube. Thank you to all of our presenters for sharing great information on all of these topics.

watch the eco fest now

The 2020 Amesbury Eco-Festival will showcase:

2PM - Welcome from Mayor Gove and Angela Cleveland
2:15PM - Repurpose Recyclables with Amesbury Youth Recreation Department / Camp Kent 
2:40PM - EcoBrick House Construction with EcoBrick
3:15PM - Solar Thermal Heating System Demonstration with InRoof Solar
3:30PM - Electric Vehicles 101 with Beverly Clean Energy Advisory Committee
3:55PM - Beekeeping with Beverly Bees
4:20PM - Energy Efficiency and Net-Zero Living with C-10 Research & Education Foundation
4:30PM - Organic Farming in Amesbury with Farmer John's Organic Farmstand
4:50PM - Wrap Up and Thank You!  

Amesbury Youth Recreation

Kathy Crowley

[email protected]

(978) 388-8137


EcoBrick US

Nathan Gray

[email protected]

(978) 210-7946


InRoof Solar


Bill Clary

[email protected]

(978) 378-0015


Beverly Clean Energy Committee


Sean Leach


Beverly Bees


Anita Deeley

[email protected]

(978) 778-8276


C-10 Research & Education Foundation


Natalie Hildt Treat

[email protected]

(978) 465-6646


Farmer John's Organic Farmstand


John Macone

(978) 376-1475


Amesbury Energy & Environmental Affairs


Tom Barrasso

[email protected]

(978) 388-8110


Amesbury Community & Economic Development


Angela Cleveland

[email protected]

(978) 388-8110


2020 amesbury eco-fest