Health Nurse

Welcome to the page of the City of Amesbury Public Health Nurse.  For offices hours and appointments, please refer to the lower left side of the page.

***TRAVEL ADVISORY - ZIKA VIRUS - CARRIED BY MOSQUITOS - Please refer to the left side of this page for more information.***

FLU SHOTS: Flu shots are still available by appointment only for children 3-18, and uninsured adults.

Mosquitos and Ticks
Please refer to the left hand side of this page for a direct link to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regarding mosquitos and ticks.

Sharps(needle) Disposal
There is a kiosk in the lobby of located at 9 School St. to deposit sharps.  Sharps must be packaged in red Sharps disposal containers.  We do not accept sharps in cans, bottles, jars, etc.

Unused Medicine Disposal
Any unused medicine can be dropped off at the Amesbury Police Dept.

Communicable Disease Control
The Health Nurse investigates and reports to the state communicable diseases and food-borne illnesses reported within the community. This information is confidential and names are not shared with the public.

Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar clinics are provided by the Health Nurse.  Please contact the Health Nurse for days and times.

Fluoride Program
An application to assess eligibility for the dental program is to be filled out.

Seasonal Flu Shots
Seasonal Flu Clinics will be held once yearly. If you cannot attend the flu clinic, shots will be given by appointment.

Confidential Faxes for Cathy Vichill can be sent to (978) 388-0597

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Cathy Vichill Health Nurse (978) 388-8138 x547