Amesbury Launches ClearGov for Financial Transparency

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The City of Amesbury is pleased to launch ClearGov, a transparency platform for the City's budget and finances. Residents will be able to view and compare past and current financial data on the platform, and new information will be updated throughout the current fiscal year. 

Mayor Kassandra Gove made it a priority to invest in platforms like ClearGov to ensure that residents have easy and understandable access to the City's financial data. "Even before I became Mayor, I heard from many people that the budget process was hard to follow and financial information was hard to find. In the last year, we've worked to make this information more accessible for residents and easier to understand. It's important for everyone to know where their tax dollars are being spent and have access to information needed to properly engage in the budget process," said Mayor Gove.

We're using
ClearGov to communicate more effectively about our evolving finances, the progress we've made on your capital projects (coming soon!), and the performance of our individual departments. Transparency makes all of our data super-easy for everyone to understand. Click on the Expenditures tab to customize the data based on your property tax bill.   

Budget Book
FY21 budget book was fully re-designed to make it easier to read and understand the budget process and line item budget. The FY22 budget book will continue to improve on the transparency of the budget, stay tuned! 

Monthly Financial Statements
Starting in late 2019, CFO Angel Wills starting posting
monthly financial statements to give regular updates and progress on the fiscal budget.

We look forward to making more progress with transparency and access to the City's finances! 

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