Amesbury Mascot Review Committee Requests Community Input

amesbury indian banner at amesbury high school

In March the Amesbury School Committee heard a presentation from Amesbury High School students regarding the mascot / school identifier for Amesbury High School. The students made the request to review the mascot with the proposal of retiring the Amesbury Indian in favor of something else.

The School Committee asked the Superintendent to create a review committee, following School Committee Policy CN. Community and school members were invited to apply to be on the committee, and names were pulled randomly. The committee consists of:

Principal's Designee
Glen Gearin

Staff Members
Kristen Comeau
Peter Campbell
Christine DeNuzzio
Hannah Schalck

Miesha Acevedo
Aidan Whittier
Paige Hanson
Alexandra Labrecque
Callista Chabot

Community Members  
Marc Ouellet
Steve Gross
Sam Wilmot
Robert Capelli

Paul DiLorenzo
Thomas Waldron
Libby Arsenault
Kerri Dalton

The Mascot Review Committee was given three months to do research and gather community feedback and make a recommendation to the Superintendent, who will then make a recommendation to the School Committee. The group has done independent research, received many letters from the community and has gotten input from two Native Americans.

At this point in the process the group is soliciting feedback from the community at large through an online survey. The survey will be open from 8am on Thursday, September 23rd until 6pm on Wednesday, September 29th. Paper versions are available at Amesbury High School (5 Highland Street) and City Hall (62 Friend Street). 

Take the online survey now.

More information about the Mascot Review Committee, as well as meeting agendas and minutes can be found at

The next Mascot Review Committee meeting will be held on September 30th at 7pm in the Amesbury High School Library.