City Completes LED Streetlight Initiative

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The City of Amesbury completed the installation of new LED streetlights mid-January, after receiving a grants from MA DOER, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and National Grid in 2018. A total of 1,149 streetlights have been retrofitted as part of this initiative.

The LED retrofit uses less wattage than the previous streetlights, all of the new lights comply with City ordinances and dark skies legislation. The update is expected to save the City of Amesbury $150,000 annually on utility costs, which positively impacts the overall tax burden on residents and businesses.

“This project is really a win-win for the City of Amesbury,” said Tom Barrasso, Director of Energy & Environmental Affairs. “It’s a step forward towards helping us achieve our goal of 20% energy reduction, and give us long-term savings. I’m grateful for the support of MA DOER, MAPC and National Grid, as well as Mayor Gray who worked with me on this process.”

Now that the installation operation is complete, the City of Amesbury is asking for assistance from residents. The lights have been in operation for about a month, and the Department of Energy & Environmental Affairs has received a few calls about lights being out or lights that were missed. The City is putting out a call for residents to look at the lights on their street and call or email with information if the lights don’t look right.

Residents should look for the following signs to differentiate between the old streetlights and the new LED streetlights: the old streetlights are rounded underneath and emit a warm orange glow, whereas the LED lights are flat on the bottom and emit a cooler white glow.

If residents have a concern about their streetlights, please share the utility pole number via email or a phone call [(978) 388-8110 x314] so City officials can investigate and rectify the issue.