City of Amesbury MIIA Well Aware Team Receives $15,000 Grant for Workplace Wellness

Laura Kilgore and Jon Morrill from Amesbury Police, with Cindy Yetman from the MIIA Well Aware Committee

The City of Amesbury’s MIIA Well Aware Committee, led by Cindy Yetman and including Alyssa Premo from the Mayor’s Office, Laura Kilgore from the Police Department and Heather Worrall from Human Resources, received a $15,000 MIIA Well Aware Grant to make continued improvement in City buildings for workplace wellness. Since January 2021, Amesbury has received $35,000 in grant funding from MIIA, an organization of the Massachusetts Municipal Association.

Cindy Yetman, Chair of the Committee said, "It is with great pleasure that I share that we once again were awarded a Great Place To Work Health and Wellness Grant for the City of Amesbury from MIIA Health Benefits Trust FY 21-22. This brings our grant award totals to $35,000 since January 2021. I truly believe informed usage of health care benefits, accessing healthy lifestyle choices in the workplace and in our lives has allowed our health care benefits in the City of Amesbury to not reach extraordinary levels of increases in our premium rates. The additions this grant brings of fresh spring drinking water, continued access to some of our Fresh Fridge vending options, additional bicycle racks for those employees who cycle to work as well as the addition of a cross fit bicycle for the Amesbury Police Department gym will prove beneficial to our employees and continue our health and wellness trends in the City of Amesbury.”

As part of last year’s grant award, the MIIA Well Aware Committee was able to purchase roughly 65 standing desktop risers and implement 6AM Fresh Fridges in six (6) City buildings and schools. This year’s grant allows for the purchase and implementation of:

  • Eight (8) more standing desktop risers for employees who were unable to get one in the first round
  • Keeping two (2) 6AM Fresh Fridges, at Amesbury High School and City Hall
  • New filtered water coolers at Amesbury Elementary School, Cashman Elementary School, Amesbury Middle School and Amesbury Innovation High School
  • Four (4) bicycle racks to be installed at City buildings (TBD)
  • Exercise bicycle for the Amesbury Police Department

The 6AM Fresh Fridges have been incredibly popular with City and School employees, and the Committee is happy to be able to continue contracts for two of them. The City of Amesbury is grateful to partners at Kenoza for providing a great rate that fit within the grant scope, allowing the installation of new filtered water coolers in four Amesbury schools. 

Creating and supporting a healthy workplace is one component to a successful recruitment and retention program. Focusing on workplace wellness cuts down on turnover, keeps from losing institutional knowledge and helps recruit a more diverse workforce. Prioritizing employees’ physical and mental health benefits everyone, including the City’s taxpayers.

Mayor Kassandra Gove was thrilled to hear about receiving another grant for workplace wellness, stating “I greatly appreciate the efforts of Cindy and the Well Aware Committee to improve our workplaces. Initiatives like this are a win-win-win – it’s grant funded so the new items and programs don’t impact our budget or the taxpayers, it improves working conditions for current employees and helps us in recruitment, and finally helps us with retention which again positively impacts our budget and doesn’t increase the burden on taxpayers.”