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Hi Amesbury, This weather lately is just so New England - rain, sun, rain, sun! In true fashion of seasonal shifts, the I AMesbury 2030 Task Force is hard at work directing our efforts toward new growth, development, and progress.

We held our first in-person meeting back in May at City Hall – and we were thrilled! We maintained social distance and wore masks to respect COVID-19 safety precautions and everyone’s comfort levels, and can I just say, it was great! It was the first time we met in-person since we formed, and it was wonderful to have such robust conversation that comes with in-person meetings. It felt great to comfortably – and safely – get back to some sort of normalcy.

The idea of getting back to some normalcy rings true in just about everything I’ve been doing lately and the task force is no exception. Instead of deeming things the “new normal,” I’ve taken a liking to calling them the “next normal.” The term “next normal” seems to embrace and support growth, development, and progress. It’s not “new” to keep moving forward and to change; we do it all the time. Each step we take forward is just the “next” motion we make on a larger journey to fulfill a vision or accomplish a goal. There’s nothing “new” about change, but there’s always the “next” change.

So, where are we planning to make our next impact? 

After reviewing the Community Survey Results, comparing those results with existing Master and City plans, and identifying the key elements that stood out as most important to Amesbury’s residents, we chose one element to focus on: Recreation!

Recreation is a broad element that contains many themes and topics that Amesbury’s residents voted as their “most important” during our Community Survey. Our community’s preference and passion for the outdoors, community events, activity (individual and group,) combined with the beautiful weather this time of year, made Recreation an easy choice for the task force to focus on going forward. It just feels right, doesn’t it? So the I AMesbury 2030 Task Force started focusing on how we can make a meaningful impact to Amesbury’s Recreation. 

In-line with our “next normal,” the I AMesbury 2030 Task Force met last month in the Town Park – an immersive meeting within one of Amesbury’s recreation spaces, designed to inspire us! We planned the best ways we can communicate with our City’s experts on all things related to recreation; from those who organize events and associations to those who own and are responsible for the spaces in which people are active.

We held an Open Space & Recreation Summit with those stakeholders in early July, and got their feedback on our strengths, opportunities, and future aspirations. Their insight is incredibly important as we plan for our future and look at how we can better support and maintain what we already have, while also creating new opportunities for residents. 

We are excited to create a solid plan, engage the public, be an advocate and vehicle to have a positive impact, and help create a vision for what Amesbury’s Recreation could look like in 2030. Stay tuned for a resident survey that we'll be putting out soon about our recreation spaces! *UPDATE* The survey has closed.

Thanks so much for reading and following along!
Peggy Green

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