I AMesbury 2030: Recreation and Learning

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Hi Amesbury, Feel that nip in the air? The change of seasons is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you but I’m ready for it! There’s lots to share about what we have been up to and where we are going next, so let’s dive in!

As of my last update, the I AMesbury 2030 task force was focusing on the element called Open Space & Recreation. We launched a public survey seeking feedback on all things related to Amesbury’s fields, parks, waterways, etc. We wanted to know which spaces were used most often and what would people love to see happen in these spaces in the future. Initial survey results aligned with our previous community survey results and indicated that people LOVED Lake Gardner and wanted to see more events, entertainment, and recreation opportunities at that location! (We were not surprised; who doesn’t love Lake Gardner?) lake gardner pop up

With the initial survey information pointing us to Lake Gardner, the task force quickly started planning the I AMesbury 2030 Recreation Pop-Up event where we introduced and promoted activities like kayaking, lawn games, and trail tours in the public space. The pop-up was held on August 15th and it was a huge success! We were able to promote our Open Space & Recreation survey and ask questions directly to learn how people would like to see recreation spaces enhanced over the next ten years. 

We loved hosting an event that got the community involved and engaged in what we were doing and loved bringing a new energy to the area with the rental kayaks, lawn games, trail tours, etc. It was an excellent showing of what could be provided at this location regularly and are wrapping up our information-gathering for the Open Space & Recreation element. We will take the information gathered throughout our investigation of this element and make sure that our city’s future master plans support the use and maintenance of our beloved spaces so we can continue to recreate and adapt our use of them to meet our community’s wants and needs. (The Open Space & Recreation survey was closed August 25th and the findings will be summarized, turned into a stunning visual representation of the data by Amesbury’s communications director Caitlin Thayer, and made available to share with everyone!)

Our final community engagement event for the Open Space & Recreation element will be held at Amesbury’s Health Fair on Thursday, September 23rd in the Lower Millyard where we will be demonstrating and teaching health fair participants how to play pickleball! If you’re in the area, or want to learn about pickleball, then swing on by for a great time.

As we look behind us and reflect on all that we’ve accomplished this summer for the Open Space & Recreation element, we also look forward to our next element we will be exploring, Learning and Education. This element couldn’t come at a better time; call me a traditionalist, but I think Fall perfectly embodies learning and education! 

This element can get easily confused with other organizations for learning, especially the efforts of the School Committee. The task force efforts in no way will overlap with the strategic planning and expertise of the School Committee; the School Committee visions and goals are the North Star for our public school system – we can’t and won’t interfere with all they do for our community’s students! The feedback and input we seek is focused on the learning and education efforts offered to all residents – things like adult education, before/after school program activities, internship opportunities, public institutions of learning, and connections with local higher education institutions, etc. 

We want to know what our community loves about learning and education provided to all. We also want to think about what learning in Amesbury could look like ten years from now – what do we want to see offered to our residents, what would people love to participate in, and what do we need more of?

Stay tuned on the I AMesbury 2030 efforts to listen, understand, visualize, and improve the things we love most about our city. Through each element, we will find ways to engage with and connect with the community! Until the next update, go explore all the wonderful outdoor events we have available to us at Amesbury’s favorite farms, breweries, and downtown locations – and don’t shy away from all things Pumpkin Spice… we all know how good it is!

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