New Partnership with Pettengill House to Create Aid 4 Amesbury Assistance Website

aid 4 amesbury logo

Mayor Kassandra Gove initiated a partnership with The Pettengill House, Inc. to create a donation and assistance portal for Amesbury residents, which has been named Aid 4 Amesbury. Donations will be accepted through the Pettengill House website to assist residents in the Amesbury community with basic needs; housing, groceries, medication, child care and more. Residents will be able to apply for assistance once per month, and help will be given based on the amount of donations received.

The partnership was created after multiple people reached out to the Mayor’s Office asking where they could make donations to help those in our community who are in need. Mayor Gove called Deb Smith, Executive Director of The Pettengill House, Inc. who was enthusiastic about working together for this cause.

“I received so many calls and messages from people in our community who wanted to know how they could help others who may be in need. Many other communities have created these kinds of funds, but we didn’t have one in Amesbury, and I thought Pettengill would be the perfect partner to help make this happen. I’m grateful to them for being willing to take this on, and hope we will be able to help many residents who are struggling during this time. No one should have to worry about paying their rent or putting food on the table," stated Mayor Gove.

Visit to make a donation or to apply for assistance.

Assistance will be given based on need, and will be given directly to the vendor; i.e. landlord, utility company, grocery gift card. The Pettengill House, Inc. will start taking applications for assistance immediately, but will wait until donations are received to start providing that assistance. The more donations that are made, the more people this fund will be able to help.

"The Pettengill House, Inc. is proud to partner with the City of Amesbury for this important initiative.  We applaud Mayor Gove's proactive approach to providing needed support for Amesbury community members who are struggling during this difficult time," said Deb Smith, Executive Director of The Pettengill House, Inc.

Aid 4 Amesbury logo by local graphic designer, Designs by Shannon.

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