Police Chief William Scholtz Steps Down as Chief

chief scholtz

Police Chief William Scholtz has served the City of Amesbury with distinction for nearly 30 years. Due to recent health issues, he is leaving his post as Chief of Police and would like to share a statement with the community.

Chief Scholtz says, “I am extremely saddened to announce that I am stepping aside as the Chief of Police due to personal, medical reasons, and based on the advice of my doctors. I have enthusiastically dedicated myself to Amesbury for nearly 30 years, and am privileged to have been a big part of this community. Since my first day in uniform I have worked hard to foster relationships between the police department and the community, a commitment that never faltered as I progressed through the ranks!”

Mayor Gove is grateful to Chief Scholtz for everything he’s done for our community in the last 30 years, saying “I’ve known Bill for most of my life – starting with his early years as a DARE officer – and I know how dedicated he is to Amesbury. I recognize the many sacrifices law enforcement officers make throughout their careers and that it is difficult to put themselves and their family first. I commend Chief Scholtz for prioritizing his health.”

She also wants to assure the community that the department is in good hands. Deputy Chief Craig Bailey will take on the responsibilities of Acting Chief of Police until further notice. Deputy Chief Bailey has worked at the Amesbury Police Department for 24 years. He has a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and currently serves in the U.S. Coast Guard. He graduated from the FBI Academy in 2020, an opportunity only 1% of law enforcement officers are invited to attend.

“I know that Deputy Chief Bailey will uphold the values that Chief Scholtz has instilled in our Police Department, and am confident in his abilities to lead the department for as long as is needed,” stated Mayor Gove.

Chief Scholtz accomplished so much during his tenure here, along with a great team in the department.

“As the Chief of Police I wanted the community to know the department was there to assist them with any issue that may arise, not just be a law enforcement agency. Internally I worked to bolster community policing initiatives such as Amesbury’s Substance Addiction Prevention Partnership (ASAPP) in cooperation with Pettengill House, the DEA’s drug take-back program, Bicycle, pedestrian and traffic safety awareness, and more. I instituted new programs like the K-9 Therapy Dog (Whittier), and officer initiated Santa motorcycle escort and Coffee with a Cop. We also expanded our social media outreach and continue to modify our platforms to better serve the community.

I have worked hard to strengthen existing community partnerships and build new ones. I am proud of our relationships with all of our community partners, including the Council on Aging, Housing Authority, Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary Clubs, the PACT Coalition and so many more. But, there is one partnership that I am extremely proud of, and that is our relationship with The Pettengill House. Deb Smith (retired) and Tiffany Nigro had the foresight to see how their organization would benefit the community and agreed to work with us to be a center of services for the police department. Their commitment helps our officers do great things on a daily basis, and that puts us ahead of the nation in how the police assist the community!

As we have seen recently we are in the middle of changing times. However, through our dedication to accreditation standards, diversity participation, hiring processes and working for the good of the community, the Amesbury Police Department will continue as the proactive department everyone respects.

Partnerships from the beginning, confidence in the next generation of leaders!

Finally, as I’ve stated since the moment I became Chief, “we have a great group of officers” and the entire team at the police department deserves the praise for getting things done! I certainly could not have accomplished anything without them and I am fortunate to have had their support.”

From all of us at the City, thank you Chief Scholtz, for everything. We look forward to continuing to see you around town, at City Hall and at APD!