Amesbury Riverwalk

Welcome to the Riverwalk 

Unique to the North Shore of Boston, Amesbury’s scenic pedestrian walkway and bike path winds along the Powow River, providing a “greenway” along the old Boston & Maine rail bed from Amesbury’s historic downtown Upper Millyard and Market Square to the Carriagetown Marketplace along Route 110. 

Part of the Coastal Trails Coalition Network 

The Riverwalk is part of a growing network of trails through Amesbury, Salisbury, Newburyport, and Newbury.

Something for Everyone 

The Riverwalk is one of Amesbury’s undiscovered gems. Beautiful scenery and nature surround kids, young and old, while they stroll, bike, roller-blade or just discover the beautiful historic area of Amesbury, Massachusetts. 

Plants and Animals of the Powow River 

The Powow River joins the Merrimack River in Amesbury and they both reach the sea at Plum Island. The Powow River’s close proximity to the ocean and its tidal nature make it an important, and relatively rare, natural resource. 

A multitude of plant and animal species call the Powow River home, and may be spotted while walking along the river.