Planning Board

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, Governor Baker issued an Executive Order No. 591 declaring a State of Emergency.

Given the circumstances and recommendations at both the state and federal levels to limit and avoid public gatherings, including Governor Baker’s ban on gatherings of more than 10 people, together with the closure of Amesbury City Hall and other public buildings to the public, our staff will be working remotely. Please email staff and allow for delayed response times. Please check here for any changes to our office's normal functions.

The Planning Board's primary jurisdiction is defined in M.G.L. Ch. 40A & 41. Generally Chapter 40A relates to zoning and Chapter 41 relates to the subdivision of land. 

Under the city's local zoning ordinances, the Planning Board is responsible for all projects requiring site plan review and approval.  The Board is the special permit granting authority in approximately 75% of the cases where special permits are required under the ordinance, with the Zoning Board of Appeals being responsible for the remainder.  The Planning Board also has responsibility for all sign permits.  Finally, the Board is the primary local Board responsible for land use planning and conducts public hearings for proposed zoning amendments.

  • The Amesbury Subdivision Rules and Regulations control the subdivision of land in the city.  
  • The Planning Board typically meets the second and fourth Monday of the month at the Town Hall Auditorium. 
  • Applications are to be submitted to Kaila Sauer in the Office of Community & Economic Development on the second floor of 62 Friend Street.
  • The Planning Board also reviews applications sent by state agencies for recommendations and approvals.  These may include, but not limited to Chapter 91 licenses filed with DEP.

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Laplante Chair
David Frick Vice Chair
Lars Johannessen Member
Karen Solstad Member
Pascal Rettig Member
Scott Kelley Member
Keith Ratner Member