City of Amesbury Recycling Guidelines

Smart Recycling Guide

Recycling is Mandatory in Amesbury. 

Please note: G Mello Disposal Corp. will NOT pick up solid waste in barrels or bags that have recycling content in them. Please sort recyclables and place in recycling cart. When it's your week for recycling, please have it out by 6:30am on collection day. Not sure if your street is A Week or B Week? Check the street list in our Information Guide.

The City of Amesbury will provide one household recycling receptacle to each dwelling unit in residential dwellings with six or fewer units. Residents should take proper care to protect receptacles from damage or loss. If you need a recycling bin, please call the Department of Public Works at (978) 388-8116.

Read all City of Amesbury Recycling Regulations here.

Can I recycle it? Smart Recycling Guide

Yes, please recycle!


  • All colors and textures of paper
  • Paper with staples or plastic envelope windows
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Glass, metal and plastic containers labeled #1 - #7
  • Pizza boxes (Grease okay! Food NOT okay!)
  • Metal jar lids 
  • Metal cans
  • Clean aluminum








No, not recyclable.


  • Dirty takeout containers
  • Plastic bags
  • Tyvek or Mylar envelopes
  • Photographs
  • Plastic covered paper
  • Cloth covered books
  • Paper / plates with food residue or oils
  • Light bulbs
  • Mirrors
  • Vases
  • Paint / oil cans
  • Containers with metal bottoms and paper sides (nut containers)
  • Styrofoam

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Place recycling carts with metal bar facing the road for easy automated pick-up

recycle bin mello truck