Elm Street Reconstruction

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PROJECT UPDATE (11.15.2021)

The next two weeks include prepping and grading sidewalks, installing mulch / plantings. Here is the two-week look ahead from the contractor.

elm street two week look ahead chart

You may see temporary detours put in place by the Police Department if it's in the best interest of public safety for drivers and workers. Please be patient as you move through this area! 



The conversation about the Elm Street Reconstruction Project started in 1998, and we are excited to see it finally happening! We received $10M in state and federal funding to complete the project, with the City of Amesbury adding roughly $800,000 for design work and easements.

The project includes pavement reconstruction, rehabilitation of the existing drainage system, the addition of new/rehabilitated sidewalks/curbing along both sides of the roadway, ADA compliant wheelchair ramps, 5' bicycle lanes and improved intersections. Traffic lights will be added at the Congress Street and Monroe Street intersections.

We recognize that a project of this scope is going to cause some disruption, but we hope that by proactively communicating about the timelines and detours, we will ease some of that for residents, business owners and visitors.

All major projects have timelines and goals, however, the dates are fluid as construction really gets underway. The Elm Street project will be done in stages, with different phases of the street (listed below) being worked on at different times to make it easier on traffic flow, detours and neighboring streets. Work will begin as soon as the weather is warm enough with no more predictions of snow. We’ll provide as much notice as possible for the start of work.

Phase 1 - Railroad St to Congress St
Phase 2 - Congress St to Monroe St
Phase 3 - Monroe St to Rt 110

As construction moves into each phase, the street will become one-way (heading into downtown) and detours will be provided on neighboring streets.

Businesses are open on Elm Street, and we have provided "We are OPEN during construction" signs for them. 


Where will I find updates about the project?

What is the expected completion date for the project?

November 3, 2022

How do I get updates on detours?

We will share information about the different phases and detours of the project utilizing the above tactics, but the fastest and best way to find out about what phase of construction we’re in and what detours are being used is to sign up for Swift911.

Phase 1 DetourPhase 2 DetourPhase 3 Detour

Begins in Market Street.

North on Market St.

Right on Clinton St.

Right on Congress St.

Left on Elm St.



Detour 1 image

Left on Congress St.

Right on Madison St.

Right on Monroe St.

Left on Elm St.







Detour 2 image

Left on Monroe St.

Left on Madison St.

Left on Congress St.

Right on Elm St.

Continue to Friend St.

Left on Main St.

Left on Route 110.



detour 3 image

How do I get a detour sign? 

If you live on a detour street and would like a lawn sign, please email thayerc@amesburyma.gov to have one dropped off.

Elm Street detour signs

What do the different color ribbons mean?

You may see purple, yellow and pink ribbons along the street on trees and utility poles. Purple = protect, yellow = take down, pink = where utility poles will be.

different color ribbons on elm street

How can I sign up for Swift911?

We will utilize our reverse phone call system, Swift911 to send voice and text alerts about the project and when we switch from one phase to another. Sign up for the alerts to ensure that you’re receiving that information. You can sign up at www.amesburyma.gov/swift911 or by texting SWIFT911 to “99538” where you’ll be prompted to download the app.

Will I be able to get out of my driveway?

Yes! When construction is happening in front of your house, there may be times when the project manager will ask you to be out of your driveway by a certain time, as they will be digging trenches. Please keep the one-way and detours in mind, so make sure to turn the correct way out of your driveway!

When will my driveway be repaved?

Repaving is the last part of the process, and as long as the project stays on schedule, all paving will be complete by fall of 2021.

If I have property damage, who do I talk to?

We highly encourage you to take photos of your property before work begins. If damage is done to your property due to the construction, please call the Department of Public Works at (978) 388-8116 or email elmstreet@amesburyma.gov

If I have questions about the project, who do I call?

If you have questions about construction and the project itself, call the Department of Public Works at (978) 388-8116 or email elmstreet@amesburyma.gov

If you have questions or feedback about communications about the project, call Caitlin Thayer at (978) 500-4799 or email thayerc@amesburyma.gov