One 64 gal. Recycling Cart supplied to residents and CBD

Residents should use the 64 gallon wheeled carts provided by G. Mello for their recycling. The recycling trucks are now automated and the "Arm" cannot pick up the blue bins. Also, recycled items should not get wet and the 64 gal. cart has a lid to protect recyclables. The blue bin does not have weather protection.

What Should I Do With My Blue Recycling Bins?
Clean blue bins in good condition may be returned to the city for reuse. The purchase price of the blue bins will not be refunded for returned bins. Customers may also reuse bins for other purposes around the home or office. 

Who owns and Maintains the Carts?
G. Mello Disposal Corp. will own and maintain the carts. The carts will be assigned to a specific address. Carts needing repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear will be covered by G. Mello Disposal Corp. Please call G. Mello directly for repair. Repair or replacement of carts due to customer misuse will be charged to the customer. You can replace carts through the DPW office.

Use of carts for anything other than the collection of recyclables is prohibited. Residents moving from the city must leave the cart for the next resident. Carts cannot be replaced without a fee. * We encourage new residents to include in their final home walk-through, a check to see that the recycling cart is present and remains with the address.