• Recycling is MANDATORY in Amesbury and it reduces trash disposal fees! Amesbury receives a cash rebate for all materials recycled instead of thrown out in trash.
  • *G Mello Disposal Corp. will NOT pick up solid waste in barrels or bags that have recycling content in them. G.Mellow will report this violation to our office. Please sort recyclables and place in recycling cart. 
  • **Plastic grocery, trash and food BAGS are NOT RECYCLABLE. Please keep them out of the recycling containers   
  • View the schedule for A Week Streets
  • View the schedule for B Week Streets
  • Only the following holidays are observed by G. Mello:
    • New Year's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day

Universal Shredding, LLC
is your source for on-site, secure document destruction. Private information isn't limited to bank statements and business contracts. Printed confidential materials are produced daily in every business and by every employee. As the fasted growing forms of fraud, identity theft and corporate espionage threatens to destroy personal credit ratings as well as business reputation and security. Trash and recycling is considered "fair game" and public property. Dumpster Diving is becoming common practice and it is not illegal but it's the biggest risk for identity theft and cooperate fraud. 1-877-SHRED-44

Amesbury Residents and the Central Business District should have their recycling out by 6:30a.m. on collection day. 

Recycling Tips

Mixed Paper & Cardboard

If it rips, recycle it!

  • You can now put loose paper and cardboard in the same bins as your mixed containers. They do not need to be bundled.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes. Cut them into smaller pieces for collection. 3'x3' or smaller
  • Only clean parts of pizza boxes - rip off and trash the greasy parts.
  • All colors and textures of paper can be recycled. Paper must be clean; staples and plastic envelope windows are OK.
  • Do not recycle dirty takeout containers, foil-lined papers (such as nut containers), Tyvek or Mylar envelopes, photographs, plastic covered paper, cloth-covered books.
  • Do not recycle paper/paper plates with food residue or oils on them.

Mixed Containers 

Glass, Metal, Plastic labeled #1 through #7

  • Remove lids and rinse containers.
  • Recycle any color glass bottle or jar. Do not recycle window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, vases or Pyrex.
  • Recycle metal cans, clean aluminum, tin, metal jar lids. Do not recycle paint or oil cans, cans with metal bottoms and paper sides (such as nut containers).
  • Recycle plastic food and household product containers labeled #1 through #7. Look for the plastic number and symbol on the bottom of the container (see right). Do not recycle plastic bags or Styrofoam.
  • Do not put extra recycling in plastic bags. Use a box, paper bag or another container marked "RECYCLING"
**If you have a home composting bin you can take the waxed fiber items and place them in the compost bin.  Food items of heavy nitrogen, the fiber = carbon material, are good for composting.

Place recycling carts with metal bar facing the road for easy automated pick-up