Outreach & Counseling

The world of veterans’ issues is constantly changing at the state and federal level. Simultaneously, the misinformation provided by friends, other veterans, and other sources is astounding. Each person is an individual, and veteran entitlements often are individualized as well depending on when, where, and in which service someone served, plus their personal current economic situation. Our goal as VSO’s is to have every veteran or veteran’s widow spend time with us so that we understand your personal situation, can identify any benefits you currently have available, can assist you in applying for those benefits to which you are entitled and of which you chose to avail yourself and can counsel you on the many options you have.

VA COMPENSATION and PENSION MATTERS: Dependency Entitlements, Eligibility Information, Dependency and Indemnity Compensation or Pension, Preparing and developing claims for filing, Servicemen’s and Veterans’ Survivor Benefits, Re-opening of claims for increase in VA compensation

DISCHARGE DIFFICULTIES: Replacement copies of discharge papers, correction of discharge papers, Review and appeals on discharges for upgrading

EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS: Counsel and assist veterans and dependents to identify and apply for benefits including scholarships available through federal and state programs, as well as the GI Bill.

EMPLOYMENT: Counsel and assist in veteran’s preference and tenure issues. Assist unemployed veterans in identifying potential employment.

HOSPITALIZATION AND DOMICILIARY CARE: Assist with applications for Emergency medical care, State Hospitals and soldiers homes, and VA Medical Centers and clinics.

HOUSING: FHA and VA Loan Counseling, Federal and State housing support for veterans and families, and Evictions

INSURANCE MATTERS: U.S. Government Insurance – applications, VA Life Insurance claims, Assist with filing for U.S. Government Death Benefits and Health Insurance Coverage

LICENSE PLATES: Assist in obtaining Veteran and Special Plates

LOAN GUARANTEE – VETERANS ADMINISTRATION: Applications, Appraisals, Certificate of Eligibility, Foreclosure Difficulties and Restoring Entitlement

MEDALS & AWARDS: Assist with obtaining replacement awards and medals to which entitled and newly authorized Medals and State Certificates

MEDICAL PROBLEMS: Local, State and Federal Facilities, Emergency and Routine Exams, Dental, Agent Orange Register, Gulf War Syndrome, Alcohol and Substance Abuse

RETIREMENT MATTERS: Employee Compensation Bureau, Retirement – State, Local, and County System, military retirement issues.

SOCIAL SECURITY MATTERS: Social Security Assistance, Disability Assistance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicare

REHABILITATION MATTERS: Relating to Veterans, Relating to Members of Family, Veterans Administration Program, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Other Federal and State Programs

TAX BENEFITS AND DIFFICULTIES: Property Tax Abatement Assistance, Appeals, Federal and State Exemptions, Adjustments

CIVIL SERVICE: Advice and Counsel relative to Veterans rights for federal, state and local employment and Veterans Preference.

ARMED FORCES: Advice and information regarding Tricare and Tricare for life, Active Duty and Reserve retirement support, Appeals to Board of Corrections.

WORLD WAR II MARITIME SERVICE: Assist merchant seamen with information, obtaining discharges and applying for Veterans Administration Benefits.

DEATH BENEFITS: Preplanning, File for flags for casket, assist with honors detail, VA gravestones and markers, State and Federal Cemetery arrangements

VETERANS BENEFITS: Provide monetary support to low-income veterans, widows and families. If your income is less than twice the Federal poverty level, and your convertible assets are low, you should see us about this program.

VETERANS’ BONUS: It is never too late to file for a bonus you earned.