Women Veterans

The fastest growing segment of the Massachusetts veteran population is women veterans. Serving throughout the world in all branches of service, women perform most of the same duties as their male counterparts, but often have different experiences based on the culture of the countries they serve in, the type of command they serve within, and the fact that they are the minority gender in each of the branches of service.

We encourage and welcome all veterans to visit the VSO to assist them in their transition back into civilian life. We also recognize that some women will be uncomfortable raising some issues with their VSO. If that occurs, we recommend women network through the Department of Veterans’ Services Women Veterans’ Network.

The Women Veterans' Network was established in 1997 with the vision of being the central resource for women veterans in Massachusetts. It has a database of 13,000 women veterans who receive a biannual-newsletter with information on benefits, programs, and events for women veterans. Contact the Women Veterans’ Network by email, or contact can be made at:

Women Veterans' Network
600 Washington St., 7th Floor
Boston, MA 02111
fax: 617-210-5755