Low Water Pressure

Some reasons for low water pressure:

  1. Location in a higher elevation will result in lower water pressure. The difference in elevation between you and the water tank on Po Hill (309 ft) will resolve to be your water pressure.
  2. Another issue may be that the water main supplying the water to your area could be an older unlined pipe that is limiting the volume. Or it could just be your individual water service blocking the flow.
  3. Finally; water main breaks, fires and hydrant flushing will contribute to low water pressure


  1. There not much you can do about elevation, except for the installation of booster stations.
  2. Replacing water mains are an on going program, but budgets drive the speed of the rehabilitation of the system. Fixing individual services can be performed when low water pressures become extreme.This may be the towns or the residents responsibility depending on the location.
  3. This problem is usually temporary and remedy itself over time.