Disposition Committee


The Amesbury Disposition Committee (ADC) was established in 2014 to assist the City with developing and executing a process to surplus municipal sites. The ADC members are appointed by the Mayor and coordinate with the appropriate Departments and City Boards and Committees, as well as abutters, to achieve a reuse recommendation and release a request for proposals (RFP) to the public.

The appointments for the three Core Members shall be two-year terms. Ad-Hoc Members shall be appointed to dispose of a specific property and assigned to a subcommittee for disposal of that property, with a minimum of two Ad-Hoc Members appointed. Their term will end commensurate with the last step for the disposition process that is outlined in Section G of the Disposition Committee Bylaws (PDF). Given the possibility of multiple sites in the process of disposition, the ADC may have numerous subcommittees operating simultaneously.

Current Project

The Disposition Committee is currently working on the former Trader Alan's parcel. The Committee will research and recommend potential uses for the site at 21 Pond View Avenue and create a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit bids from potential buyers/developers. City Council voted to transfer this Parcel (PDF) (6.77 acres) to the Mayor allowing for the Disposition Committee to review the site. Members for this site include the three Core Members and the Ad-Hoc members listed below.

The Committee is working to submit proposals to Mayor Gove by April of 2022. Public engagement will be a component of this project. Regular Committee meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. Agendas are posted on this webpage and the City's calendar.

The 1st community event was on January 31st! At this virtual session, we provided an overview of the goals of this project, which are to identify potential uses for the former Trader Alan's parcel located at 21 Pond View Avenue and engage in a request for proposal process to surplus the land. This will be one of several opportunities for residents and stakeholders to engage with the City on the most appropriate uses for the property in the future. Listen to the recording from this event on January 31st, please click here. View the Presentation on the Current Project (PDF).

For future workshops please check this webpage, the City's newsletter, and the municipal calendar.