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About us

PACT is a youth-centered substance prevention coalition that brings Amesbury teens and adults together to cooperatively address concerns that can lead to youth substance use. For measurable impact, we unify multiple sectors to reduce and prevent substance-related challenges through awareness, education, and action in a culturally and age-appropriate manner. 


To initiate community-wide collaboration between young people and adults to prevent and reduce youth substance use through dialogue, data collection, resource-sharing, problem-solving and collective action. 


To foster a culture of empathy and understanding towards young people in Amesbury by providing them with networks of supportive adults and opportunities for connectedness to help them grow their sense of self-efficacy.


In 2020 the City of Amesbury received a five-year Drug-Free Community grant from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to fully fund PACT's efforts. Annually, PACT receives $125,000 to fund our prevention efforts and pay our staff. In 2025, we will reapply for a five year extension and, upon approval, our efforts will be funded through 2030.

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Physical Address

PACT - Amesbury High School
5 Highland Street,
Amesbury MA 01913

Kelly McKora

Program Coordinator
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Jackie Deorocki

Youth Coordinator
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DFC Grant Key Personnel

Kassandra Gove


Dr. Danielle Ricci,

AHS principal

Marissa Baptista

City of Amesbury CFO

Fiscal Agent: City of Amesbury  62 Friend St, Amesbury MA 01913

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