How does automated recycling collection work?

Each 64-gallon cart has attached wheels to make moving them easy, and an attached lid to contain recyclables and provide for a cleaner process.

Carts should be placed curbside, to the right of the driveway if applicable, with lid opening facing the street. Place recycling carts with metal bar facing the road for easy automated pick-up.

If the recycling cart is placed properly at the curb an automated arm on the right hand side of the truck comes down and lifts the cart, dumps its contents into the hopper, and returns the cart to the ground. This process helps reduce worker injuries and keeps the cost of collection services down.

There are a few things residents can do to make the recycling collection go smoothly.

  • Place recycling on one side of the driveway and trash on the opposite side of the driveway whenever possible.
  • Leave 6 to 10 inches space between each recycling cart so that the arm can fit around the cart.
  • Whenever possible remove cars from the street on the day of collection.
  • Make sure basketball hoops, bikes or other items are not on public property.
  • If you know the recycling truck backs down your road, place recycling carts on the right side where the arm is on the truck.
  • If you find you find your cart on the opposite side of the street after it has been emptied, that is where the recycling truck driver needs the cart to be in order to collect it by the automated arm.
  • If you use bins or other containers, the driver must get out of the truck and physically pick-up and empty each container.
  • Recycling carts found to have other items inside that are not recyclable materials may not be collected.
    • Items Found in Recycling Carts:
      • Furniture
      • Baby diapers
      • Wood
      • Drywall
      • A sheet cake
      • Dog waste
      • Garden hose
      • Video cassettes
      • Rope
      • Car parts
      • Tissue and paper towels

Recycling is collected every other week on trash day. Carts must be placed curbside by 6:30 am for pick up. Trucks will not come back if carts are not placed out on time. 

Thank you for recycling in Amesbury.

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