What happens once the 10-day appeal period is over, can my project start?

There are six steps that need to be completed once the 10-day appeal period is over, and before construction can begin:

  1. Record the Order of Conditions on the property owner’s deed at the Essex South Registry of Deeds in Salem, MA. Typically, it is a $105 fee to the Registry for recording plus online fees.  Proof of the recorded Order of the Conditions must be submitted to the Conservation Agent before a Pre-Construction Site Visit can occur (see #5 below). 
  2. Install a free-standing sign showing the MA DEP file number on site which is visible from the road. Please do not install the sign on a living tree. The sign must be no smaller than 2 feet and no bigger than 3 feet. The file number will be provided to you.  
  3. Install erosion control on site as specified on the plans before the Pre-Construction Site Visit occurs.
  4. Provide a list of the name, address, and phone number of a contact person responsible for the Order of Conditions, and for all parties involved in the project. 
  5. Notify the Conservation Agent to schedule a Pre-Construction Site Visit. The site visit with the will be held before any work is conducted and after items 1-4 (above) are complete. You, your consultant (if you have one), and other people involved in the project should be invited to attend.  Other city officials may be invited who have an interest in your project such as the Planning Director, Building Inspector, City Engineer, or Director of Public Works may also attend.  Their presence is intended to streamline the permitting process and make them aware of your project.  

Complete the Pre-Construction Conditions. Once all of the Pre-Construction Conditions and Site Visit follow up items have been addressed, contact the Conservation Agent a minimum of 72-hours in advance of starting construction. 

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