What are the future development possibilities in the Smart Growth Overlay District?

The following image shows a conceptual buildout of the three sub-districts using the minimum densities required under the Smart Growth Overlay Zoning District. The plan shows the potential redevelopment of the Burger King and Friendly's sites with two new 2½ story, mixed-use buildings. Commercial uses would be required on the ground-floor and residential above. Parking would be located behind or below the buildings. The site of the unbuilt 56-unit 40B project on 29 Clarks Road and adjoining residential properties could be redeveloped with three, 4-story, 70-unit multi-family buildings with underground and surface parking. Almost 70% of the undeveloped land between Point Shore Meadows Subdivision and this multi-family would be left as permanent protected open space.

In addition, vegetative buffer areas would be created along the abutting residential properties and a multi-use public trail through the conservation area would provide a connection to Point Shore, the Whittier Bridge Trail, and the bike path. With improved pedestrian connections, the neighborhood would be able to access the commercial areas along Route 110 corridor including the Carriagetown Marketplace.

Zoning Comparisons

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1. Where is the Smart Growth Overlay District located?
2. Why a Smart Growth Overlay District in the Elm Street and Upper Clarks Road Area?
3. What are the future development possibilities in the Smart Growth Overlay District?
4. What is the difference between a 40R and 40B?
5. What makes this location suitable for a 40R designation?
6. Does Amesbury already have a 40R, and if so, what are the benefits to Amesbury?
7. What are the proposed sub-districts and how many housing units are allowed within each sub-district?
8. How much density is required under a 40R District?
9. What is affordable housing and what are the likely rental rates?
10. How many units are in the approved 40B development?
11. Does the approved 40B require adding a separate emergency access?