Public Records

Massachusetts Public Records Law provides that every person has a right of access to public information. The right to access includes the right to inspect, copy or have copies provided upon the payment of a reasonable fee.

Records Access Officers

City of Amesbury
Amanda Haggstrom
Email Jennifer Smith
Acting City Clerk
62 Friend Street, Amesbury
Phone: 978-388-8100
Fax: 978-388-8150
Amesbury Public Schools
Joan Liporto
Email Joan Liporto
Business Manager
5 Highland Street, Amesbury
Phone: 978-388-0507
Fax: 978-388-8315
Public Records Page
Amesbury Police Department
Janet Nicolaisen
Email Janet Nicolaisen
Public Records Access Officer
19 School Street, Amesbury
Phone: 978-388-1212
Fax: 978-388-1220
Public Records Page

To submit a formal public records request, please contact the appropriate Records Access Officer with your request. You may do so in person, by email, by mail, or by phone. The city has a public records request form that may be filled out and submitted to the appropriate Records Access Officer to assist them with your request.

City of Amesbury

For a copy of legislation filed with the City Council you may:

  • Email the City Clerk, an electronic copy of the document will be sent to the requesting email address. In cases when an electronic copy is not available, the Clerk's Office will respond to the requesting address to determine if you wish to receive or view a hard copy.
  • Call the Clerk's Office
  • Visit the Clerk's Office at City Hall

In order to process your request, please be specific, including the bill number and title in your request.

The City Council webpage lists recent agendas and minutes which include the bill number and titles of items voted on by the Council or currently under consideration. Amesbury's Annual Reports, lists the prior years' legislation.

Fees apply when requesting copies. Fees cover cost of paper, toner and time to process the copies.

For more information about Massachusetts Public Records Law visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth's Public Records Division.

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