Municipal Development Services Inquiry Form

The City of Amesbury recognizes that navigating development processes can be daunting, including our Zoning Ordinance, application requirements, Massachusetts Building Code, new home construction, alterations, additions, obtaining information related to real estate listings, conservation concerns, potentially developable land, or changes in use/occupancy. We have created this form to better assist you and address your concerns/requests properly and timely. Our goal is to work with you, and to facilitate strategic growth within our great City.

In order to assist you, please provide the information requested below so it can be assigned to a staff person for processing. Due to the unknown variables over the technical work entailed, it may take up to ten (10) days for an adequate response. We highly encourage you to consult Amesbury’s Zoning Ordinance available on our website for further reference. The more information you provide will help us produce a timelier response. 

Our online permitting process with OpenGov is fully operational if you would like to proceed with an application submission.

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Please provide the following information with your form submission:

  • Plot plan showing current/proposed structures (if applicable). 
  • Cite the Ordinance (if known) which may regulate the nature of your request/complaint.

  • Include a copy of City Assessor’s field card for property in question. This can be accessed through the Accessor’s Online Database, or by calling the Assessor's Office: (978) 388-8102.

  • If this request is to amend a current Certificate of Inspection for a business, please provide a valid copy of Certificate of Inspection for your proposed amendment.

  • Certified blueprint which shows the proposed structure you want to construct (if available).

  • Site plan (if available).

Municipal Development Services Inquiry Form

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