Water Distribution

The distribution system conveys all the water processed from the water treatment facility to the water consumers. There are many parts that make up the distribution system:

  • Main water line: 16-inch, 12-inch, 10-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch, 4-inch are the common sizes
  • Water services: the pipe that carries water from the water main to residents, commercial and industrial buildings. Sizes range from 3/4-inch to 4 inches
  • Curbstop: is the valve that shuts water off from the water main to the water service.
  • Gate valve: Valves on the water mains.
  • Hydrants: hookups for fire protection
  • Booster Station: pumps to boost water pressure in areas of the city. Amesbury has one: Challis Hill
  • Water Storage Tank: a reservoir to keep water for fire protection, consumption and maintain distribution system pressure. Amesbury has a 2 million gallon tank on Po Hill.
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Water Distribution System MapThe Water Maintenance crew is responsible for sustaining the water distribution system. This includes:

  • Complaint investigation
  • Hydrant flushing
  • Hydrant repairs
  • Miscellaneous projects
  • Snow plowing
  • Water main breaks
  • Water service breaks
  • Water service renewals (city side)