The City Clerk's Office collects parking ticket payments and distributes parking stickers for the boat ramp and winter overnight parking.

Parking Tickets

Payment is due within 21 days of ticket issuance. Tickets can be paid at the City Clerk's Office, or online.

To appeal a parking ticket, an appeal form (PDF) must be filled out and received by the City Clerk's Office within 21 days of issuance.

After 21 days, a notice is mailed with a $5 late fee applied to the ticket. After an additional 30 days a second notice is mailed with another $5 late fee. Thirty days after the second notice a $20 registry fee is applied and the license and registration is marked at the Registry of Motor Vehicles as non-renewable.

Boat Ramp Parking Stickers

Stickers are available for Amesbury residents at no charge to park at the boat ramp on Merrimac Street. To pick up a sticker, please bring the vehicle registration showing an Amesbury address to the City Clerk's Office. 

Downtown Winter Parking Permit

No vehicle shall be parked on any street during a declared snow emergency. To receive notices of snow emergencies, sign up for Amesbury's notification system, Swift911. Notices will also be posted on the City website, and the blue lights will be turned on at the following locations:

  • Old Post Office (100 Main Street)
  • Corner of Main St. and School St.
  • City Hall Parking Lot (62 Friend Street)
  • In front of the Fire Station (9 School Street)

Residents of the central business district can obtain a sticker at no charge to park in the lot on Water Street, the Upper Millyard lot on Friend Street and at Lake Gardner during a snow emergency. Vehicle registration must show downtown residential address. To see if you qualify for a parking sticker, please check the address list (PDF) or contact the City Clerk's Office.

* Please note that due to the continued closure of the Water Street covered lower deck, permitted cars may park anywhere in the Water Street lot during snow emergencies for 2021-2022.

Downtown Winter Parking Permit Application

  1. Please complete this form to have a 2021-22 winter parking permit mailed to you. Your phone number and email address will be added to Swift911 to receive automated messages regarding snow emergencies and other City information.

    Questions? Please call the City Clerk's office at 978-388-8100.

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