Amesbury Zoning Ordinance & Maps

The Amesbury Zoning Ordinance and Map hereinafter called "this Ordinance" is adopted pursuant to the authority granted by Chapter 40A of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and amendments thereto herein called "The Zoning Act."

The purposes of this Ordinance are:

  • To lessen congestion in the streets
  • To conserve health
  • To secure safety from fire, flood, panic, and other dangers
  • To provide adequate light and air
  • To prevent the overcrowding of land
  • To avoid undue concentration of population
  • To facilitate the adequate provision of:
    • Transportation
    • Water
    • Water Supply
    • Drainage
    • Sewerage
    • Schools
    • Parks
    • Open space, and other public requirements
  • To conserve the value of land and building including the conservation of natural resources and the prevention of blight and the pollution of the environment
  • To encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the City, including consideration of the recommendations of the overall:
    • Master Plan
    • Preservation Plan
    • Open Space and Recreation Plan
    • Hunt Road Redevelopment Plan
  • To preserve and increase the amenities of the City

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