Zoning Board of Appeals


There was an error stating that the deadline for the ZBA October meeting is Sept. 29th.  The correct date is actually Sept. 22nd 


The Amesbury Zoning Board of Appeals is a quasi-judicial board. The Board hears and decides on:

  • Requests for Variances
  • Appeals of the decisions of the Zoning Enforcement Officer
  • Requests to alter, modify or extend non-conforming uses and structures
  • Requests for Special Permits and findings as set forth in the Amesbury Zoning Bylaws

Permits can be applied for on OpenGov 

Zoning Applications must be filled out (which can be filled out then downloaded on the left of this page), time-stamped in the City Clerk’s Office, then uploaded into our on-line permitting system OpenGov, along with any other information requested for your application.

To create an account in OpenGov, please go to:  https://amesburyma.viewpointcloud.com. Once you have created your account, choose Inspectional Services, then scroll to the bottom to select your zoning application.

The deadline for submission of new applications is 30 days prior to the meeting date. Applications are to be submitted to the Zoning Enforcement Officer in the Inspectional Services Department. The Officer will review the application for completion. If the application requires editing, you will be notified. Once the application is determined to be complete, it will be processed and provided to the ZBA members.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is the permit granting authority for Findings, Variances, and Special Permits noted as S2 in the Amesbury Zoning Ordinance Table of Use Regulations (Section V). Appeals of decisions may be filed within 20 days of the Board's issuance of a decision.

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