Inspectional Services

Note: The deadline for submitting cases to heard at the next ZBA Meeting is 30 days prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Residential and Commercial Permits

The City of Amesbury implemented OpenGov for all residential and commercial permit applications and renewals, including sign permits and fence permits. Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

City Ordinances 

For questions about many regulations, including sidewalks obstructions, please view the City ordinances.

Trash & Dumpsters

Regulations regarding trash and recycling, especially for the Central Business District, can be found under the Department of Public Works. Dumpster permits must be obtained by DPW.


If you are applying for a Variance, Special Permit/Finding, or Appeal through the Zoning Board of Appeals, please contact the Inspectional Services Dept. to have a fillable document emailed to you.

The procedure to file is:

  1. You must have two (2) copies of your completely filled out application and bring them to the City Clerk to have them date stamped.  The City Clerk will retain one copy.  (It will be your responsibility to obtain an abutter list from the City Assessor to include with your application.)
  2. You must create an account through the City of Amesbury web-site, “Get a Permit”.
  3. Once your account is set up, you will need to search under Inspectional Service and choose the application you wish to file.  You will be asked to upload the time-stamped application, along with other information stated on the application.
  4. We will review and let you know if this is a valid application.  If so, we will mail the abutter notifications for you.
  5. In addition to the fee paid, you will be required to pay for the newspaper Legal Notice, printed 2x.  You will be billed prior to the meeting and payment must be made upon receipt for your case to be heard.

Inspectional service permitting disclaimer for electric, plumbing, and gas permits:

Electrical, Plumbing and Gas permits at this time will only be issued to Massachusetts licensed plumbers, gasfitters, or electricians. Permits are issued in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws - MGL 143-3L in the case of wiring permits and MGL 142-13 in the case of plumbing and gas permits. Homeowners cannot apply for any of these types of permits at this time. In accordance with M.G.L. c. 147,s.57-61, security work requires Department of Public Safety “S” License.