Grant Information

The City of Amesbury applies for many grants throughout the year to support programs and services as an alternative source of funding. Here's a list of grants that have been applied for, whether received, pending or denied.

  1. 2022
  2. 2021
  3. 2020
  4. 2019
  5. 2018

2022 Total (to date): $75,000

Date Applied
Organization/Grant Program
Purpose of Grant
Current Status
January 2022MIIA Well Power
Great Place to Work/ Great Place to Work
Wellness initiatives for city employees
$15,000.00Third Party / In progress 
January 2022Amesbury Cultural CouncilMassachusetts Cultural Council/ Local Grant programProvides grant funding for local cultural organizations$10,600.00

Received / Complete
January 2022FireU.S. Department of Homeland Security/ FY 2021 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG)
To purchase 29 SCBA Units, which include Air PAK Harness/Backpack, Face Piece, and cylinders
Awarded / In Progress
February 2022OCEDExecutive Office of Housing and Economic Development/ ARPA Earmark
Outdoor dining and pocket park design
$50,000.00Partially Received / In progress
February 2022RecreationDepartment of Conservation & Recreation/ ARPA Earmark
Improvements to Lake Gardner$25,000.00Received / In progress
February 2022Public WorksMA Department of Transportation/ Shared Streets and Spaces  
Amesbury Point Shore Bike and Pedestrian Improvement Project
$200,000.00Awarded / In Progress
February 2022 Public Works MA Department of Conservation & Recreation/ Mass Trails Carriagetown Connector$134,400.00Awarded / In Progress
February 2022 
Public Works 
Coastal Trails Coalition
Carriagetown Connector
$20,000.00Received / In Progress
February 2022 
Public Works 
Amesbury Healthcare Charitable Trust 
Carriagetown Connector
$15,000.00Received / In Progress
February 2022Public Works MA Department of TransportationCulvert Replacement Municipal Assistance Grant 
March 2022 Public Works Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program
March 2022Public Works 
Department of Transportation/ Municipal Small Bridge Program
Kimball Road Bridge
$100,000.00Awarded / In Progress

March 2022 Fire Department of Fire Services Firefighters Safety 
$15,944.79 Awarded / In progress 
March 2022 OCEDUS GBC LEED for Cities LEED for Cities Cohort Program
$12,000.00In-kind / In progress
April 2022 RecreationUS Pickleball Association Pickleball Grant 
$250.00Received / Complete 
April 2022 OCED MassHousing Partnership through MVPC / Town of Salisbury /Complete Neighborhoods Program
April 2022 Fire Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters
$209,428.57Awarded / In progress 
May 2022 Police Department of TransportationShared Streets and Spaces Program $19,729.00Awarded / In progress
May 2022 Council on Aging MA Council on Aging ARPA Funds Grant 
$18,007.36 Awarded / In progress
May 2022 OCED Department of Energy Resources Regional Energy Planning Assistance Grant from MVPC 
$3,000.00 Third Party / In progress 
June 2022 OCED Department of Housing and Community Services One Stop for Community Growth 
June 2022 RecreationProvident Bank Community Foundation $5,000 Received / Complete