Business Inspections

The Amesbury Fire Department is tasked with inspecting new and existing buildings within the city of Amesbury. Our focus when performing these inspections is Life Safety. The goal of the inspections is to have safe businesses and to provide risk reduction to building owners, employees, customers, tenants, visitors, and firefighters in the case of a fire or emergency in the building. These goals are achieved by seeking code compliance of the applicable fire codes.  

In accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 148 Section 4 and 527 CMR 1.00, the city of Amesbury Fire Department will begin inspecting businesses and establishing an inspection schedule in accordance with the fire code.   

What does that mean?

Our fire crews will be starting annual inspections for every business in Amesbury. We will begin to canvas certain areas, and then reach out to schedule inspections if we are unable to get to you. After the inspection has passed, your building or business will be set onto a scheduled inspection frequency per your occupancy risk classification (See below).  


The checklist below provides an overview of items that should be addressed prior to your existing inspection, which will give you an opportunity to correct any deficiencies that may exist. This will also assist you in the future to maintain a safe and code compliant business. 

Pre-Fire Inspection Checklist 

  1. Your address should be visible from the street. 
  2. Exits and exit pathways need to be free of storage, clear of obstructions. 
  3. Exit signs illuminated and visible. 
  4. Emergency lighting provided and operational. 
  5. Electrical panel is accessible, labeled, and that there are no missing panel tabs. 
  6. No storage within 36” of electrical panels, water heaters and furnaces. 
  7. Proper Storage of Oily Rags, Paint and other Hazardous Liquids or Gases. 
  8. Proper Fire Extinguishers: 5lb ABC Minimum for office or retail, tagged and inspected (within 12 months). 
  9. Fire sprinkler system inspected, tagged, and fully operational (within 12 months); if applicable. 
  10. Fire alarm system inspected, tagged, and fully operational (within 12 months); if applicable. 
  11. Fire pump inspected, tagged, and fully operational (within 12 months); if applicable. 
  12. Backflow preventer and/or PIV open and locked; if applicable. 
  13. Kitchen hood suppression system inspected, tagged, and fully operational (within 6 months); if applicable. 

527 CMR 1.00 - Fire prevention inspections shall occur on existing premises in accordance with the minimum inspection frequency schedule specified in Table  

Minimum Inspection Frequency 

Occupancy Risk Classification 








Critical infrastructure 

Per AHJ 


 You can call the fire department administrative office and schedule an inspection at: (978) 388-8185.  

 If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Fire Prevention Office at the number above or email questions to: .  

Thank you for your help and cooperation in making your building a safer place for all.