Fire Details

"Details" are when a member of the fire department is required, by code, to be present during particular activities.  For example if someone is welding in an occupied building, a member of the fire department is required to be on scene to enforce safe work practices and provide fire suppression if needed.  

There are many types of details, such as:

  • Cutting and Welding Operations

  • Fire Watch - If a fire alarm or suppression system is malfunctioning or being fixed, firefighters monitor the building for fire emergencies.  These are typically utilized in high risk structures, such as nursing homes, apartment buildings, and businesses during operating hours.

  • Event Fire and Life Safety Detail - Events where any open flame will be used, events where a large (100+) number of people will be present in a confined or contained spaces, an event exceeding occupancy as approved by the Fire and Building department, or other situations where the Fire Chief deems it necessary for life safety.

  • EMS - Many different events may benefit from having qualified and equipped emergency medical technicians on site.  Our department offers a variety of details for this need, up to and including a Paramedic level ambulance.

  • Blasting - At times it is necessary to utilize demolitions/explosives for construction purposes.  Firefighters are assigned to the area to monitor for safe practices, safety of the public and damage documentation of the surrounding area (should any occur).

Any entity needing a required detail can: call the Fire Department at 978-388-8185, send your request via email to the administrative assistant, or visit the Administrative Offices at 124 Elm Street, Monday through Thursday, 8 am to 4 pm and Friday 8am - 12pm.